For many years, the Drobe news website held an annual awards poll, giving recognition to what readers felt was the best (and worst) of the RISC OS World. When Drobe went into 'archive' mode, the baton was picked up by Icon Bar - until a couple of years ago,when RISCOScode took on the role of celebrating the best of 2011, with the results being published in early January of 2012.

However, nobody undertook the task of running an awards poll for 2012 - and we are now approaching the end of 2013.


As the history shows, RISC OS awards polls have been somewhat mobile, and this means there is no consistent place to go to see the results from one year to the next and, when nobody has taken up the initiative, there has been no poll.


I considered conducting a poll this year on RISCOSitory - but as I thought about it some more, I decided that it is time not just to resurrect an annual RISC OS awards poll, but to also give it its own home - and so the RISC OS Awards website was conceived.


The initial plan is simply to run an awards poll to cover the two years 2012 and 2013 - so it will be one set of awards for the two years. The categories will appear first, some time in November. This will be followed in early December with a form for voting. The results will be published in the new year.

Once that's out of the way, the next step will be to go back over the various websites, and archive the results of their respective awards on this site, so that this historical information can be found all in one place.

Vince M Hudd, RISCOSitory